Hours of Operation: The Family Rec Center will be open from 8:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week starting the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through the Monday of Labor Day weekend.

Age Limitations: The Family Rec Center welcomes everyone to use the facilities. Kids 8 years of age and younger will need to be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Children 9 years of age and older are welcome and can stay without adult supervision. Activities staff will determine when someone is behaviorally inappropriate and will address individuals as needed, up to and including restricting use of the Family Recreation Center and/or center court amenities.

Center Court Equipment & Activity Cards: The Activity Counter section of the Family Rec Center will be the place to get any equipment you may need for center court activities. To use equipment, you will need an Activity Card. Activity Cards can be purchased at the Family Recreation Center/Counter for $6.00. These Cards never expire and unless you lose or destroy your Card, they are good for as long as you have them. Here is a list of items you can get with your Activity Card:

Activity Equipment Available for Checkout with Card

Mini Golf

(1 Club, 1 Ball)

Pasture Golf

(set of 3 clubs, $1 for 3 golf balls)

Pickle Ball Set*

(4 Paddles, 3 Ball)

Tennis Set*

(2 Rackets, 3 Balls)


(2 Sticks, 8 Discs)

Wiffle Ball

(3 Balls, 1 Bat)

Frisbee Golf Set

(Driver, Mid-Range, Putter)

Horse Shoe Set

(4 Horseshoes)

Badminton Set

(2 Rackets, 1 Birdie)

Bean Bag Toss Set

(2 boards, 8 Bags)



Sand Toy Set, Hula Hoop, Basketball, Jump Rope, Football

Lawn Dice, Volleyball, Frisbee, Soccer ball, GaGa Ball

Ladder Golf, Tether Ball, Croquet Set, Bocce Ball


Family Rec Center Equipment: The Activity Counter section of the Family Rec Center will also be the place to get any equipment you may need for Family Rec Center Activities. Again, an Activity Card will be required to check out equipment.

Equipment available for Checkout with Card:


(Full set of pool balls, rack & 1 cue, 1 card per cue)

Ping Pong

(2 paddles, balls cost .25 each)


(2 movies for 2 days)


(1 ball)

Air Hockey

(2 paddles, 1 puck)


(3 darts)

Board Games

(1 card per game)



As always if you have any questions please feel free to stop by the Family Rec Center or call 605-737-5365 or 605-737-5364.

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