We are now beginning the implementation phase of our new reservation software and annual billing platform. With that, we are rolling out the online billing capability to all of our members. After some initial testing on a limited basis, we are now ready to accept online payments. Please create your new online profile according to the following instructions:


  1. Go to https://hart-ranch-production.herokuapp.com/.
  2. Click the user signup link. Fill out the verification form and then create a password. Then you should be able to login as a member yourself. **Remember you want to use your personal email as is on your member account. An email address is required for the validation and payment process for the new system.**
  3. You should be able to login as a member, go to your member info and pay your membership costs in full.
  4. Please enter your membership number without including any letters. I.e. if your membership is a Type A and your member number is 16-123, you would only enter 16-123, not 16-123 A.
  5. A copy of your payment receipt will be emailed to your email on file.

We are very excited to bring these new capabilities to everyone! We look forward to your feedback to help us keep improving the software.

  • At this time the Hart Ranch Platform only allows members to pay your dues and yearly charges.
  • Reservations and Mailbox self-management will be rolling out shortly!
  • We capture bugs and errors using a tool called Sentry. If you see this popup happen while using the app, please enter some notes about what you were doing and submit for our review.
  • Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out frequent updates and new features, we recommend refreshing your browser before using the app to ensure you have the latest version.

If you have any problems logging in to your Hart Ranch Membership account, please contact the Sales & Membership Service office:


Direct Line: (605) 737-5360

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