• 06/05/2014

Mother’s Day at Hart Ranch and the ChuckWagon Restaurant

Mother’s Day is a great day to spend with family and celebrate all the hard work and appreciation you have for your mother or special women in your life. Did you know that Mother’s Day has a rich and unique history? Mother’s Day can found traced all the way back to ancient Greeks! Back then people would give gifts to their mothers. It was not until the late 1600s in England, when a whole day was given to honor mothers. This holiday was called Mothering Day and for the whole day mothers would be given cakes and small trinket gifts from their children.

Mother’s Day | Chuckwagon

Mother’s Day gained national American success in the 1900s when Anna Jarvis pushed for the government to establish an official holiday to honors mothers everywhere. She was inspired with this idea after having an observance of her mother after her mother’s passing and realized what an importance all mothers play in the lives of so many. By 1911 Mother’s Day was such a success it was being recognized and celebrated not only in America but in Mexico, South American, and parts of Africa, China, Japan, and Canada. The love of Mother’s Day globally was the final push America’s president needed to make Mother’s Day an official holiday. President Wilson declared Mother’s Day a National holiday on May 9, 1914 and declared it would forever be the second Sunday in May.

Mother’s Day | Chuckwagon

What do you have planned special for this Mother’s Day? The place to show your love and have some fun with the whole family is at Hart Ranch Camping Resorts kick-off extravaganza weekend! This celebration will be happening all Mother’s Day weekend and will be filled with tons of things to do! Have some fun getting crafty with your mother and take part in our canvas painting and take home this artistic memory with you! Also, the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce will be present for a special ribbon cutting ceremony for Hart Ranch Camping Resort’s restaurant, ChuckWagon. After the fun and excitement join us for a delicious Mother’s Day buffet at the honored, ChuckWagon. The meal will be the perfect topper to a day spent with Mom!

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