• 09/04/2016

Resort Expansion

As was presented in the Spring Newsletter, we are considering expanding Hart Ranch through the addition of more sites and cabins. These are exciting times as we consider the option of growing the resort! As these plans depict one potential layout of what an expanded area could look like, there are many opinions as well as options. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 605-737-5350 or email at resortmanager@hartranchresort.com to let me know what you think. However, most importantly, please give credit to your opinion by putting your name with your comments. Occasionally, believe it or not, I will get letters regarding certain issues that do not have any name associated with it. For the record, these are not considered valid as they could be coming from anyone–including non-members, and are thus discarded. So please, take credit for your comments so we have a chance to contact you if we have more questions!
Tim Schnabel
Resort Manager

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