• 10/08/2014

10 Commandments of RV Etiquette

RVing gives us a chance to escape the fast-paced world around us and slow down to enjoy life. But RVing can be less fun and more frustrating if you’re faced folks who just aren’t familiar with RVing etiquette. Make sure you aren’t those folks! Brush up on the 10 Commandments of RV Etiquette:

10. Thou Shalt Not Intentionally Inconvenience Others. This is mostly applicable when you’re out and about. If you stop to fill up for gas or empty your sewage at the central dump, keep in mind that your RV is large and takes up a lot of space and be courteous of others waiting to use these facilities. If you need that morning coffee or just to stretch for a minute, move your RV after finishing the task at hand and proceed.

9. Thou Shalt Be a Good Neighbor. If you’re having RV issues, or see any issues with our RV, please let us know so we can help one another out. This includes malfunctioning equipment, weather-related damage, etc. RVing communities are notorious for top-notch community mentality. Scratch my back and I promise to do the same!

8. Thou Shalt Not Trespass. Don’t walk through campsites, even if your destination is just on the other side of your back neighbor. Nobody likes having their personal space encroached upon. Make sure children understand the importance of this commandment as well.

7. Thou Shalt Observe Window Shades. Okay, that sounds a little strange but window shades are the key to great social etiquette in the RV park. Don’t knock if door or window shades are closed, unless it’s an emergency. Everyone operates on different schedules and it’s important to give privacy and space after hours.

6. Thou Shalt Monitor Thine Noise. Keep noise to a minimum – this includes TVs, radios – any electronics really! – late night entertaining, and early morning or late night arrivals and departures. RVs aren’t great at drowning sound out and nobody likes being awakened by noisy neighbors!

5. Thou Shalt Be Respectful of Others with Thine Canine. Canine, feline, ferret… whatever! Be respectful with pets. Not everyone likes pets and some might even be afraid of certain animals. Keep pets on a leash and on your property unless specifically invited onto someone else’s site. And don’t forget to bring a few empty bags to pick up after any gifts your pets may leave. Your neighbors will love you for it!

4. Thou Shalt Be Respectful of Others with Thine Vices. Be respectful with your smoking habits, drinking habits, etc. Pick up after yourself and keep smoke and other byproducts contained as best as possible.

3. Thou Shalt Treat RVs like Houses. In other words, don’t do anything at someone’s RV that you wouldn’t do at someone’s house. Sometimes when we’re on vacation we get wrapped up in the excitement of it all and forget that some people RV as a lifestyle, not just a temporary vacation. Regardless of why you’re RVing, it’s important to remember we all need space to unwind and have time to ourselves, so be respectful when you visit another site or RV.

2. Thou Shalt Keep Thine Space Orderly. Just like at home, keep your site clean and organized so you don’t end up with an eye-sore. Don’t store an abundance of stuff outside. Try to limit outdoor storage to chairs, grills, and a couple of decorations.

1. Thou Shalt Do Unto Others as Thine Would Have Others Do Unto Them. The Golden Rule. If you’re ever in doubt about whether you should or shouldn’t do something, consider how it would make you feel if you were on the other end of it. It worked in kindergarten and it works in RVing!

Make sure you follow these 10 Commandments of RV Etiquette for happy neighbors and good times you won’t soon forget! If you’re looking for an RVing experience full of fun and adventure, contact Hart Ranch Camping Resort today.

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