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October is a fun month and ends with a really special day, Halloween. Here’s hoping that somehow in all of the craziness that has been the theme of 2020, Halloween will be celebrated in some way by everyone. More on that later.

I think we have more than the usual number of food days celebrated in October. It seems like there is just about something for everyone to enjoy eating or drinking this month – coffee, cookies, tacos and cinnamon rolls! Oh my! Some very popular food choices get to have the entire month devoted to celebrations:  American Cheese, dessert, pasta and pizza. Now we are talking and all make for new ways to fix meals, snacks and celebrate with family or friends at the Hart Ranch.

I even found a couple of days that I thought would be nice to promote too. October 5 is National Be Nice Day – I think that almost everyone I meet at Hart Ranch knows how to celebrate that day. The other day I think would be nice to promote is October 25, National I Care About You Day!  Both days offer opportunities to mend some fences that seem to be falling down.

October is a time when fall reminds us that our warm days are coming to an abrupt end and that we should get out to walk or hike and make the most of every single warm day in October. There is so much to enjoy this time of year at Hart Ranch. A night outside at your camp site even when wrapped in blankets and just drinking a cup of hot chocolate, telling stories or sharing time together is a great way to end the day.

Now, let’s turn to October 31 and Halloween. This celebration is made for social distancing and masks! Come join us at Hart Ranch for a weekend of Halloween fun!

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