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As we turn the calendar and see September, it always signals the end of summer. Here in the beautiful Black Hills we can anticipate the early signs of fall to appear in September and sometimes we even get to see a sneak peak of winter! At the Hart Ranch we are definitely winding down from a busy summer with more relaxed days and our Family Rec Center is slowly getting ready to move into its winter hibernation. We are planning to be open as usual during the first part of September but after the 15th look for limited hours for the Family Rec Center as well at the Pool, Grille and other departments.

September begins with the traditional Labor Day Holiday on Monday, Sept. 7 but as everyone knows, nothing is traditional this year. Still, it is the last long weekend of summer. If you are looking for a wonderful fall getaway I truly recommend coming to the Resort in September. Summer-like days still appear and it is a bonus for you if you are here when they happen and even if you come during one of our breaks from the warm temperatures, our cool fall temperatures are extremely enjoyable. Hiking is especially good at this time of the year and I recommend you fill your thermos with some hot cocoa and spend time outside in the Hills. 

On September 11 please observe a national day of remembrance. Many of the ceremonies will not be held in NYC this year but everyone can remember at home. Never forget. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day is Sept. 19 and it seems appropriate to plan a Pirate theme for September. No matter if your age is unlisted or in one of the lower categories, pirates provide the perfect theme. This can be fun if it’s just a family theme for a weekend but also what a great way to host a birthday party or any other gathering. It certainly allows for social distancing and masks would not be out of character for a pirate especially black masks with skulls. I have attached a special sheet of Pirate ideas for you to use. Have fun and stay safe, Matey!

This summer, the Activities Department provided activity packets. We had several favorites – friendship bracelets, our Hart Ranch Journals and dream catchers. We also provided coloring pages and other simple crafts in packets along with some science activities and scavenger hunts. We made improvements during the summer to the basketball courts, the shuffleboard courts and refreshed our Pasture Golf Course. We added some new bikes and golf carts to the rental fleets. Now, we are ready for a long winter’s nap with lots and lots of time for planning new Activities and Adventures for 2021!

Pirate Event

To start off your Pirate Event, you need an invite. Even if this is just a family weekend event, go all out to make it special by doing an invite. My favorite way to do an invitation for a Pirate Party is to put it inside any disposable bottle, such as a soda or water bottle. I prefer plastic so if dropped, they will not break and this personalized invitation needs to be hand delivered. To make your Invitation in a Bottle: Take the label off, wash out the inside and design a fun invitation (Arr, Pirates do not use computers) so doing one handwritten on a piece of paper works ok if you only need a few otherwise walk the plank and use a computer. Place the name of each person invited on the outside of their bottle. Ask guests to come in Pirate attire unless you plan to make the costume a part of the activity at the event. I did this for a birthday party and it was a blast for the kids to pick out the different costume pieces they wanted to wear.

A skull with crossbones is perfect for almost all your Pirate party needs. It can be a basic item for invitations, flags, decorations on tables or hanging. You can get free patterns or buy stickers at a hobby or craft shop. With Halloween just around the corner now is a great time to pick up Pirate items. If you want to do this event for a birthday or gathering later in the year stock up on items now.  

What to do at your event:

Make your Pirate Event to suit both you, your location for the party and the guests that will attend. Food selections can be simple or if you want to do some really fun items the best source of course is Pinterest and even Betty Crocker has Pirate Party Foods with photos, etc. You can make this just a food and beverage event, add games or host a treasure hunt that is scavenger style. Plan games with Pirate themes (all ages) walk the plank, ring on the hook, tug of war or make any other party game into a Pirate theme.

Costumes and Decorations:

Every pirate needs a costume. It can be simple if you want like a Pirate Hat or I like the scarf look instead and include an eye patch, tattoos, maybe a sword or a hook hand but after that you can be as creative as you want. This is a great time of year to host anything pirate as with Halloween in October many stores already have costumes out and pirates are a traditional choice of many for Halloween. Again, look on Pinterest, Oriental Trading company or go to a Halloween shop for ideas.

Pirate flags, treasure chests, gold coins, jewels, treasure maps as tablecloths, skull and bones all make great decorations. Oriental Trading has reasonable pirate treasures, decorations and assorted prizes.

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