• 17/04/2014

RV Living

RV Living

Kitchen Essentials to Make Life Easier

RV living is something that many of us love. Whether you enjoy the adventures of traveling, the ability to meet new people, or just love being on the open road…RV living is something that so many people do. One major component to RV living, is that you ultimately will have to pare down your possessions, since you are limited in space. One area of RV living that you should never skimp on is kitchen essentials. Why are these so important? Instead of having to spend money to stop at restaurants while on the road or take precious time out of your travels, instead use your kitchen essentials and whip up your own cuisine, while staying on the road. Check out some of these top ranked kitchen essentials needed for anyone who has committed to RV living.

Kitchen Essential #1

One top kitchen essential which will make RV living and cooking easier is having a stove-top pressure cooker. These kitchen essentials are great for cooking an array of tasty meals such as soups or even chilis. Pressure cookers are great for saving you time and are easy to maintain while on the road. A soup that normally would take almost 3 hours to simmer, can be finished in under an hour when using a pressure cooker. They also feature the safety lid, allowing for no spills! Pressure cookers are also excellent additions to your kitchen if you are traveling in areas of high altitudes, where even the simplest of tasks, such as boiling water, can take close to an hour.

Kitchen Essential #2

A blender, is a top kitchen essential during RV living. Worried that a blender will take up too much of your precious space? No worries, they make many blenders that are “stick immersions” and take up very little space! This way you can cook and prepare many different meals from mashed potatoes, smoothies, salsa, homemade hummus, and more!

Kitchen Essential #3

Another top kitchen essential which will make RV living a breeze, is a crock pot. For those that want a crockpot that does not require electricity, a thermal cooker, is just what you need! Don’t know where to put your crockpot so your food won’t slosh around as you drive? Try the sink! It is a perfect spot to place your crockpot so you can cook meals on the road and once you have arrived at your destination your food will be ready!

Kitchen Essential #4

The last kitchen essential that makes RV living easier is a cast iron skillet. A quality cast iron skillet will be heavy, but durable enabling it to take lots of uses. Cast iron skillets are also slick enough to cook many things without worry that the food will stick, but does not use Teflon which often rubs off over time. Purchasing one of these kitchen essentials will last you many years on the road!

Keeping these kitchen essentials, will help make RV living a breeze when it comes to cooking! These kitchen essentials are popular among many full-time RVers and by looking at Hart Ranch Camping Resort’s Pinterest you can find great recipes for these kitchen essentials. Hart Ranch Camping Resort is the premier RV camping spot in South Dakota, located in the beautiful Black Hills. To learn about Hart Ranch Camping Resort contact us today at 605.399.CLUB.

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