• 17/04/2014

Servicing Your RV

RV’s Transmission

For many, the fear of packing up and getting on the road lies in the reliability of their vehicle or RV. Traveling in an RV, can be wonderful, but can be trying if your RV breaks down. It can also be equally as expensive. Knowing the mechanics of your RV or motorhome is important before you embark on your journey, so you can avoid any problems on the road.

One major problem that people run into is dealing with their RV’s transmission. If the transmission is not working, your RV is not working. Following these tips will keep your RV’s transmission in tip-top shape and will help when you are servicing your RV.

An important tip to avoiding any problems with your RV’s transmission is to monitor your transmission fluid level. The majority of transmission problems occur because of fluid levels. Having a leak is often the main concern for your RV’s transmission.

Servicing your RV can be done by checking your owner’s manual to verify the proper fluid level. Several manuals will suggest checking your RV’s transmission fluid while the engine is at operating temperature and your have the RV in park. If your transmission has a high level of heat it will be hard for your RV’s transmission to work properly.

Another tip to know about your RV’s transmission is that temperatures for your RV’s transmission should be in the same temperature range the engine, unless it is being put under stress. At 175 F, transmission fluid will last about every 120,000 miles to 140,000 miles. But this decreases if your RV’s transmission becomes overheated. With only a climb of 25 degrees, you will cut your miles down to only 60,000-70,000 miles! That is nearly half! A great way to monitor this with a temperature gauge. Check out below the gradual effect that temperature has on the amount of miles your RV’s transmission fluid will last:

225 degrees – 35,000 miles
250 degrees – 20,000 miles
275 degrees – 10,000 miles
300 degrees – 1,500 miles
325 degrees – 500 miles

Another important aspect when servicing your RV or checking on your RV’s transmission is to look at the color of the transmission fluid. The RV’s transmission fluid should be red and not have a smell. If your RV’s transmission fluid is very dark or has a “burning” smell, this is an indication that there is a problem or a filter needs changed.

You should be servicing your RV’s transmission as often as every other oil change. This will help you maintain the best working motorhome and allow you to not have to worry about any problems while you are on the road. For more information on RVs, servicing RVs, or booking your stay at the top-rated RV Park, Hart Ranch Camping Resort, please contact us today at 605.399.CLUB.

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