• 17/04/2014

Traveling with Pets

For many, traveling with pets, is not only a consideration but an important part in planning their vacation. With the increase of pet-friendly locations not only in America, but around the world, traveling with pets has gotten much easier throughout the years. Not only are more hotels becoming pet friendly, but those that are looking for pet friendly RV camping destinations are in luck. Being able to camp and travel with pets is becoming more important since more people are viewing pets like family members. Luckily, when you make your travel plans to the Black Hills, Hart Ranch Camping Resort is not only the luxury camping resort for families, but we are also a pet friend RV camping resort. Following these tips when traveling with pets will not only make your trip a breeze but make your trip enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

Traveling with Pets Tip #1

Before you start your vacation or cross country trip in your RV, take your pets to the vet. Before traveling with your pet, you should make sure your pet is in good health. If you know that your pet gets anxious when on the road or even suffers from motion sickness, talk to your vet to get any medications you may need to eliminate any of these problems before they start.

Traveling with Pets Tip #2

Another great pet friendly RV camping idea is to bring your pet’s favorite items along for the journey. Just like a child would never want to go on vacation without their favorite toy or prized blanket, pets do not want to leave their toys or possessions either. It could be as simple as keeping your dog’s favorite raw hide bone in stock or bringing a favorite squeaky toy, or it could even include bring a pillow your cat always snoozes on or a favorite scratching post. Traveling with pets is very similar to traveling with children, so planning ahead for your pet to ensure a great vacation is important.

Traveling with Pets Tip #3

When traveling in your RV with your pet, allowing your pet to have free range of the RV is important. For some pets, they will want to naturally stay in one area, and if that is the case you should allow your pet to have one area where their bed, toys, crate, food, and water reside. This can help create a “home” for your pet and allow them to travel comfortably.

Traveling with Pets Tip #4

Depending on your pet, you may have to stop every few hours to not only let your pet go to the bathroom but also get a little exercise. If you are traveling with a dog this is a must and as your pet’s owner will be able to tell signs of when your furry friends needs a bathroom break. If you are traveling with a cat or small rodent, like hamster or mouse, this tip may not apply since that pet will be able to go to the bathroom in a litter box or in their cage.

Traveling with Pets Tip #5

Before staying at any RV camping resort, make sure they are pet friendly! Your pets are family and if they cannot stay or you are thinking you should “sneak” them into a camping area that does not allow pets, this will only cause you and your pet stress during your stay. Instead choosing a pet friendly RV camping resort is the best option not only for you but for your pet! Some pet friendly camping resorts will not only allow pets but will offer pet areas for your pet to play, go to the bathroom, and mingle with other pets who love camping!

Traveling to the Black Hills? Make reservations at Hart Ranch Camping Resort, one of the top pet friendly RV camping resorts in the nation! Hart Ranch Camping Resort is a luxury family camping resort filled with recreation and amenities for the whole family including your furry friend! For more information on Hart Ranch Camping Resort contact us at (605) 399-2582.

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