• 17/04/2014

Winter Sports and Activities

Just because the temperatures may be dropping and snow is on the ground, that doesn’t mean there are not a plethora of winter sports and activities to do in the beautiful Black Hills. According to Richard Benda, Secretary of the Department of Tourism and State Development, “South Dakota is known around the world as a great place for a family vacation and winter is no exception”. No matter the season, this area boasts many different winter sports and activities to do with your family, especially when you are doing winter camping at the premiere family RV resort, Hart Ranch Camping Resort.


One of the many winter sports and activities to do in the Black Hills is snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a perfect solution for those that want to explore the stunning hills and take on the trails, but on a faster pace due to the chilly weather! Snowmobiling is one of the top winter sports and activities in the Black Hills and for good reason! Who wouldn’t want to check out all that nature has to offer no matter the weather?

Skiing or Snowboarding

The Black Hills showcases some of the best hills for skiing and snowboarding. Whether you are a pro skier or just picking up a snowboard for the first time, those winter sports and activities are something everyone enjoys! Not only will you get quite the workout on the slopes, but you will get to experience the stunning snow of the Black Hills during hours of fun!


Tubing is one winter activity in the Black Hills that is fun for the whole family! Race down the snow covered Black Hills, in the safety of an inner tube. Load up on tubes with different family members to soar down the peaks together or even have a little friendly competition and race one another. No matter your age, tubing is one of the best family winter sports and activities to take part in.


Since the beautiful Black Hills, is known for its open spaces and stunning nature, snowshoeing is a great winter activity for families. Whether you are exploring an area you already know or taking on a manicured trail at one of the state parks, the adventure is endless when snowshoeing in the Black Hills.

Winter sports and activities in the Black Hills are easy to come by and fun for the whole family to participate in. Make your reservation today at Hart Ranch Camping Resort at (605) 399-2582 and start exploring the beautiful snow-lined Black Hills. Make memories your family will remember for a lifetime.

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